Sniper Gun 468 M82 DMR (Bolt-Action)
Sniper Gun 468 M82 DMR (Bolt-Action)
Sniper Gun 468 M82 DMR (Bolt-Action)
Sniper Gun 468 M82 DMR (Bolt-Action)
Sniper Gun 468 M82 DMR (Bolt-Action)
Sniper Gun 468 M82 DMR (Bolt-Action)
Sniper Gun 468 M82 DMR (Bolt-Action)
Sniper Gun 468 M82 DMR (Bolt-Action)

Sniper Gun 468 M82 DMR (Bolt-Action)

$ 26,999.90 Oferta Ahorre
Lado del Percutor (Bolt Handle)

Based on our revolutionary 468, the 468 Bolt-Action Sniper DMR is the precision armament of choice for marksmen and professionals training for designated marksman roles. This is a custom-engineered bolt action rifle that accepts standard DMAGs and is capable of shooting consistent velocity with high quality .68 Caliber shaped projectiles.

Whether training as a professional marksman, playing as a sniper, or simply deploying into open play, the DMR will provide unparalleled accuracy, extremely quiet operation, and the realism you expect from all RAP4 milsim guns.

All DMRs now come with the latest Gen2 valve for greater consistency for those incredible 100+ yards shots, see the difference in the VALVE video

**DMR is designed for Shaped Projectiles. If you shoot paintball, it will require strict ball sizing.**

468 - Bolt Action Package includes:
- New 468 Bolt-action one-piece upper (A5 Threads) (2017 Version)
- 1 x DMAG for First Strike Rounds and Shaped Projectiles
- 1 x HELIX for First Strike Rounds and Shaped Projectiles
 1 x 20-Inch OneShot barrel
 1 x RIS Handguard
 1 x Cyborg Buttstock/Buttstock With 13CI Tank
 1 x M82 Suppressor
 1 x Spectre Bipod
 1 x Sniper Scope

468® Top Features:
- Bolt-action operation
- Unmatched consistent velocity
- Unparalleled accuracy and range
- Metal construction for durability, realism
- Machined aircraft-grade aluminum receivers
- New 468A1 one-piece upper with A5 threads
- Steel bolt
- Authentic split-receiver design
- Front and rear combat sights
- Ready to accept a Tank-In-Stock or Remote Line Adapter
- Powered by Compressed Air or CO2
- Shoots .68 Caliber
- Lok-Bolt Anti-Chop System
- Metal construction
- Voted online as the most reliable marker
- Durable: survived a series of torture tests
- Designed by a top firearms engineer
- Battle-proven by professionals
- 5 Year Warranty
- Made in U.S.A

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